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Saturday, March 5, 2022

10am - 11am: Check-in, race bib pick-up and registration


11am: Race meeting


11am - 12pm: Kite set-up


12pm - 2pm: Allotted race start time **keep in mind depending on wind we may start anywhere between this time - which means all participants need to be ready to go**


3pm - 5pm: Post-race meeting, awards and prizes


7pm - late: Apres-race at Bukwildz courtesy of Red Bull Canada




  • The exact race course will be revealed at the race meeting prior to the race. This is an endurance-style race with multiple laps around a course. Details will be explained at the meeting. 

  • The wind this weekend looks good, however there is some shifting of systems and we may need to adjust race time depending. As you all know being a kiter requires flexibility as the wind is always changing!

  • The surface is going to be great, with tons of new powder and less need to worry about ice at this time

  • Please familiarize yourself with the map provided. Parking will be either around the town of Sylvan or at the large parking lot by the skating rink. You are more than welcome to drive out to the event and drop your kites/other belongings off for set-up, but please park away from the event for safety purposes. Only event vehicles are allowed at the event site. 

  • At check-in, you will be given a bib number so we can track you during the race. 

  • Kite-set up will have a designated area with caution tape to prevent anyone from running over lines. 

  • We will have tents to warm up and shelter from the wind when it's colder in the morning



  • kites of all sizes. Seeing as the wind is shifty, bring all your kites! We will explain the race at the meeting and race rules!

  • helmet and other equipment to be outside - it will be chilly in the morning but warms up by midday

  • if you have radios, bring them! It's always helpful to communicate around the course. 

  • water bottle or other snacks

  • your stoke - this will be a fun event for everyone!



  • Drive to Sylvan Lake, Alberta

  • Follow the signs to Lakeshore Drive

  • The outdoor skating rink, and associated parking is directly east of 50th street and Lakeshore drive (their intersection).

  • There is a road that will take you on the ice from there, and you will see ample parking available on the ice. 

  • If you can't find it - simple look for the outdoor skating rink and "winter village"

  • Make sure to drop off your belongings out at the event before driving back to park! 

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